About Us
"A moment you will remember forever, in a way you'll never forget."
About Us
Our Philosophy

The birthteam at SVMC supports modern women to choose where and how they give birth. We encourage women to actively seek information and consider their options regarding their health and that of their unborn baby. Our philosophy is to exceed the standards of the current model of prenatal care by developing customized care plans for each client's individual needs and lifestyle.

The birth team at SVMC remains abreast of current treatment options, modalities and research in both medical and holistic models of care so that each and every client can make informed decisions. Our care merges the timeless wisdom and expertise of midwifery care with the resources and technology of medicine when indicated or desired by our clients. We believe that the hallmark of midwifery care combines physical safety and well-being of mother and baby, with the understanding that pregnancy and birth is a journey and transformation that takes place in the heart and soul. The midwife's job is to nourish this transformation.