Laura Farley

Two years ago Laura was on her midwife’s living-room floor 15 hours into the most challenging yet self-affirming task of her life and 1 hour away from holding her daughter for the first time. It was this pregnancy and labor that gave Laura a chance to embrace her passion for healing on a more genuine level.

When her husband met her in 2013 while they were studying in Sweden, she was fairly convinced her career path was to become a conflict mediator, healing communities through personal relationships and dialogue. Her earlier education was spent visiting conflict zones across the globe. Laura noticed that despite the differences in culture, language or conflict, the health and resilience of a community largely depended on the women. It wasn’t until she gave birth to her own child that she truly understood why these women had so much strength. Having the support and care of a fabulous team of midwives gave her the experience she needed to become an empowered and healthy woman, wife, daughter and now mother. Laura wants to become a full-spectrum midwife to empower all women, especially survivors of trauma, throughout all pregnancy outcomes, labor and postpartum.

The work Laura has done as a support person and advocate for women eventually led her to become a doula in 2015 and now seek her certification as a Licensed Midwife. Laura has been working with SVMC since September of 2015 and is overflowing with gratitude for the incredible mamas, families, and providers that she has met. She will be enrolled in the National Midwifery Institute as a Student Midwife in the spring of 2016.