Hi! Renee Hanevold, Midwife
Renee Hanevold
Wife, mother, grandmother and a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

Midwifery embraces much of what she cares about including women's holistic health, authentic relationships, and freedom to make choices about your health and community. Renee is a graduate of Frontier Nursing University, the oldest nurse-midwifery education program in the United States. Renee has been a practicing midwife since 2000 and has attended over 3000 births. Renee also has nursing experience in critical care, emergency room, high risk obstetrics, and newborn. Renee has been a member of ACNM since 2000 and CAM since 2010. Renee attends peer review quarterly and frequently attends Midwifery Advisory Council Meetings.

Renee created SVMC in February of 2010, building an intimate practice with a balance of intuition, experience, and knowledge. Renee's goals include educating student midwives so that midwifery care is accessible to everyone and increasing awareness of evidence based holistic alternatives to western medicine that prevent illness and improve maternal and infant health.

Renee practices as a holistic midwife and uses her 9 years of medical education and years of experience to understand the physiology and science behind the holistic alternatives to Western medicine that she uses in her practice. Renee offers women a unique balance between two disciplines and is proud that in the rare instance that a mother transports to the hospital she easily navigates that transition in support of her clients.

With a deep and personal commitment to ensure that woman are respected, listened to and honored, Renee sees her work as a piece of a greater landscape of change. Together, with other amazing birth workers, she is supporting the movement back to the basics of honoring women's bodies and their choices. Emboldened by the power of a woman to nurture, grow and support new life, Renee encourages women to deepen their trust in themselves, their intuition and the strength of their inner spirit.

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Renee Hanevold, Midwife
Mother with baby  3000 + births
Certificate for ACNM  ACNM, 2000
Certificate for CAM  CAM, 2010
Est. 2010