At Sacramento Valley Midwifery Care we see each mother and family as unique and we are committed to creating safe, peaceful and welcoming surroundings for you during your pregnancy and birth.

All families are welcome at Sacramento Valley Midwifery Care. We support, honor and embrace the many ways humans express what it means to be a family and the ways they birth. We invite the entire family and support persons to be a part of prenatal care and help nourish your connection with your baby. Pregnancy and birth is a celebration and we are excited to share our knowledge, education and experience with the whole family.

At SVMC we trust the innate wisdom and intuition of mothers and babies and we believe in the strength of women and the power of a supportive and educated community. At SVMC we are committed to educating about the value of midwifery care and the difference that it can make in the health and life of a mother and baby during preconception, pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond.

At SVMC we honor the life-long imprint of connection, peace and empowerment of a family created when they are celebrated and supported during the many decisions that they must consider and make during pregnancy.

SVMC has a fabulous community that supports us and the work we do. These connections make it possible for us to be fully present while supporting and connecting with our clients and gives us a long list of valuable resources. For this we are grateful.

At SVMC we have a deep commitment to holding safe and sacred space for babies coming earthside and we trust that babies are conscious and instinctual beings. We are conscious and very respectful of the importance of their part in the birth process.

At SVMC we are ongoing learners continuously challenging ourselves to be the best providers we can be. Midwife means "with woman" and we want to be certain that our wisdom, experience, and professionalism earns us the honor of walking by each woman's side.